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Fishing Report

Fishing Report


If you want reds and snook, check the flats on the nicer days and the creeks and Whitewater Bay on the cooler or cloudy days. Shrimp are running now so I would "match the hatch" with your artificials or go for the real thing to seal the deal. If the current is moving with some zip, use troll-rite rigs and bounce them on the bottom and if the current is slow try free-lining shrimp or other live bait near the shore or along drop-offs, this works great with braided lines due to the no stretch and casting ease.

As far as Whitewater bay is concerned, look for the reds and snook to hold around structure and near points, when approaching a possible spot for casting, make sure to work the area off of the structure as much as the area around the debris. I find on the cooler days many of the fish are sitting several yards off the the structure or point in question and should definitely not be ignored.




Sunny: creeks
Cloudy: Whitewater Bay